Monday, July 31, 2006

How Long Has it Been Music Video

You can't believe how many honks, waves and people that came up to me shooting this 2 1/2 minute song!!

Oh well, I'm a star I guess!!

I hope you all like. This is a song I wrote last summer that I loved and I never recorded a video for, so here it is! Enjoy!!

How Long Has it Been? (7-31-06) Music Video

Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Tale of Herbert

Do you think that I could've been on Miami Vice?
I wanted to share the screenplay that I based on a short story. Using the internet, I wanted to find a different short story to write a screenplay on. While searching, I stumbled upon the perfect story for the modern day. "The Tale of Peter Rabbit"!

In case you don't remember that story here is the link to the original, with photos. "The Tale of Peter Rabbit"

It has been decades since I've read this story. Once I reread it, I knew that I had found my story to base a screenplay on.

I decided to 'reimagined' this short story. So I rewrote it with a modern twist about real life events. I also used people, not rabbits, in this story. Here is the reimagined "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" short story. This is only three pages long.

I hope that you liked the screenplay. It is fresh from my computer, so again there will be some typos. I'll fix them in the next draft. This screenplay is nine pages long. "The Tail of Peter Rabbit"

As always, let me know what you think.

"The Tail of Peter Rabbit" screenplay

"The Tale of Peter Rabbit" short story.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

I'm a Punk Rocker!!!
Here I'm rocking punk style at this week's opne mike nite!!
I ran out of tape on the last number!!!
Like a real punk rocker!!!!

How Long, How Short

There You Are

This one isn't punk rock it goes with the screenplay that I wrote.
So maybe it is punk!

This a Story About Tera

Friday, July 28, 2006

A piano song (yes I can play piano too)

Me at the piano.
I can play piano too!
I'm not sure if most of you know that I play piano as well as guitar.
At one point in my life I used to practice four hours a day!
I don't have time to do that any more, I still have some piano chops!

I wrote this song back in 1991 I think. And I have never recorded it.
I fix and lyrics, I can write better lyrics now. So here it is!!
I hope you like it. I'll make a music video next week.

Rock and Roll!

If I mp3 4 megs

Thursday, July 27, 2006

My Best far

I'm all wet, however
my screenplay isn't!

This is a Story About Tera (Music Video)

Genetic Zero

Friends another great music video of me and one of my pop/emo/nerd/rock songs.


There's a Girl That I Know (Music Video)

All of my music videos on youtube.

Me rockin' at Rita's at Open Mike Nite!

Here is the song that I wrote for my new screenplay "Genetic Zero".
The intro is cool.
Rock and roll!

This is a Story About Tera (Music Video)

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Be in a music video with me on Friday

Be in a music video with me on Friday.

Friends, you all know that I love to make music videos. So far I have been the only one in them. I would like to have some more people to make an non-singing music video.

So I could use so more people in them. What I need is a hott girl to be in one that I'm thinking about shooting on Friday. She would need to dress in her normal clothes and just look good. All you would have to do is stand around me as I sing and we will do some 'bad soap acting' for the intro and outro. It won't take more than one hour to shoot. I like shooting around 5pm, the light outside looks great!

So if you are a hott girl and you look better than me, look at the photo above, let me know if you want to be famous! If get a few replies I guess I could use more than one hott girl in the music video. If you know of a hott girl that wants to me famous, let her know this great opportunity.

If you are not hott, I plan to shoot so more videos in the future. I'll post them here!

Email or reply to this post if you are interested.

Here is a sample of one of my music videos.


There's a Girl That I Know (Music Video)

All of my music videos on youtube.

Monday, July 24, 2006

There's a Girl That I Know (Music Video)

There's a Girl That I Know (Music Video)
Rock and Roll!
Me at the Music Fest!

Friends another great music video of me and one of my pop/emo/nerd/rock songs.


There's a Girl That I Know (Music Video)

Friday, July 21, 2006

Herb Language

A few things that I say.
Make sure you share this with your friends
so that everyone will know what I'm talking about.
Herb Language

Nook-neck- Hello.

I’m cool today.- It's a great day.

I rock. - I am cool.

I'm rockin' out! - I am playing guitar.

I'm rockin' out with my hommies! - I am playing guitar with my friends.

I'm keepin' it real. - I am living my life the best way that I can.

I'm Starfleet. - You can implicitly trust me. Herb tries his best at everything he does.

I'm a Starfleet Captain. - Herb is the best of the best.

I command the Flagship of the Federation (The USS Enterprise). - Herb is the best of the best of the best.

You are my friend. - Someone that Herb implicitly trusts.

I don't have game. - Herb doesn't lie or treat you like you are not a human being.

I don't have a date (plans) tonight. - Herb has not found anyone worthy of his time.

I’m the Internet legend. - Herb has over 700,000 downloads of "I'm a Nerd". Herb has one of the best blogs on the net.

Step off. - Don't make a Starfleet Captain upset. :(

Goodbye. - Have a great rest of the day.

Peace out. – May happiness go with you.

Qapla' - Success!

I love the Sugar-free Kool-Aid

I love the Sugar-free Kool-Aid

Me and my Kool-Aid glass. Oh yeah!!!

Sweater Girl live at Rita's last week.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Did you know this about me

My shirt doesn't match the flowers.
That's only your imagination!

Did you know this about me?

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I have happiness in my life.
During my life I have met people that told me that they weren’t happy. They wished that they were rich or won the lottery because this would make them happy. They often said that they weren’t happy because didn’t have a relationship, or had a bad one. Or they wanted some material thing, like a car or house or whatever else that you can buy in the store.

I guess most people don’t study philosophy much anymore. People don’t read old books to learn from the past. History is there for a reason, so that we can learn from it.

About 300 BC there lived a man that came up with three rules to be happy and gain happiness in your life. And to be happy you don’t need a lot of money, a great relationship or the latest fashion from the current trendy store. No one, no amount of money or no material thing can make you happy.

Some would say that money makes you happy. Money can buy you stuff and make your life more comfortable, that in itself doesn’t make you happy. Can you tell me that every millionaire is happy?

Many people say that getting married will make you happy. Again can you tell me that every married couple is happy? I can answer this one by going to Wal-Mart. How many times have I have seen a couple argue over a price of something? Most of the time I go to Wal-Mart I witness this!

Others say that buying new things, such as clothes will make you happy. A new pair of shoes, the G.I. Joe action figure and so on will bring you happiness. How many times at Christmas do kids play with the box instead of the expensive toy that was inside it?

Does buying some stuff make you happy? If it does, for how long? And again do you know of a case of someone that buys a lot of stuff that isn’t happy?

With Socrates’ logic, if you can find one case that doesn’t support your claim, then your argument doesn’t hold water.

None of these three things can make you happy. So what does make you happy? How can you have happiness in your life?

Let us go back to about 300 BC when a man named Epicurus lived. Who is Epicurus? Never heard of him? I know he doesn’t get the press of Plato or Socrates. He did figure out three rules that led to a life of happiness as well as other important life questions.

Epicurus came up with three basic rules to be happy. Friends, freedom and thought are these basic rules.

If you have friends, then you have someone to talk to and share you thoughts with. I find it a bit disturbing that people pay so much money to psychologists or counselors. One of the signs of a good psychologist or counselor is that they listen to you talk. If you have friends, you can talk about the problems that you have in your life or share things and events together.

Freedom is also important. Not just the freedom of the government over you. The freedom to do what you want to do with your life. It is amazing that people are forced or ‘controlled’ by those that claim to love them. If you want to be a truck driver instead of going to Harvard, more power to you. I can see that most parents would pressure their offspring to go to college rather then a vocational trucking school.

Thought is something, at times, we take for granted. Everybody thinks and has thoughts. The ability for a person to reflect upon their lives is very important. And people need to have time to think. Reflection upon ones life and actions are paramount in everyone’s life. Often the best time to think and come up with thoughts is when you are alone.

And that’s it. If you have friends, freedom and thought, you can have happiness in your life. None of these cost you money. None of them require a perfect relationship. And none of them require you to go shopping.

I have all three of these in my life. My true friends are people that I can talk to about anything. If I need to talk, I can call or email them at anytime. They often do the same when they need to talk to me.

Freedom is something that I’ve had my whole life. I had independence as a child since my parents knew that they could trust me. And when I decided what I wanted to do in my life, I got nothing but support from them.

Thought and reflection are a part of me. I count my creativity as a part of this. If you listen to my songs, music, watch my movies or read my plays or poetry, there is a lot of thought and reflection that goes into them. To know me is truly to know my opus. I get to spend a lot of time alone working on my art and I'm smiling the whole time.

Since I have these three in my life, I am happy. And I can truly say that I’m happy and I don’t need anyone, money or stuff to give me happiness. I already have it. And now I hope that you will have happiness too in your life. Thank you Epicurus.

And here are three Emo-Folk-Nerd-Rock music videos for you.
I hope they will bring you some joy and happiness in your life!

The Music Videos:
Your Crime, My Crime
I Don’t Need You Anymore
You are Only Alone

Here are the mp3s to put on your mp3 player:
Your Crime, My Crime mp3
I Don’t Need You Anymore mp3
You are Only Alone mp3

Guess who is now The Internet Legend?

Guess who is now The Internet Legend?

Boys and girls, it is official!!
Check it out!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Me at the Subway!

Monday, July 17, 2006

It's Your Loss (Music Video/A Scanner Darkly version)

This how I look like after
you talk to me for more than
three hours in a row.
I haven't seen 'A Scanner Darkly' yet, but the trailer looked cool.
I hope you like this version.

It's Your Loss (Music Video/A Scanner Darkly version)

The orginal
It's Your Loss (Music Video)

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Open Mike Night at Rita's in Nacogdoches TX (Herbert Midgley rocking out)

Me talking to my camera.
Here I am showing my skill at open mike night with an electric guitar that, Social Bliss, East Texas best local band gave me. Check out one of the few times that I uses an electric guitar at Open Mike Night. Rock and Roll!

This set is about 13 minutes long and I'm playing some new and old songs:
Your Crime, My Crime
It's Your Loss You
Diss Me
I Didn't Let Her (Music by Social Bliss, words by Herbert Midgley)
And Sweater Girl

Me rocking out at Rita's 7-13-06

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


"It's Your Lost."
"I am too cool!!!"
"And the Year is 2006!"

Here is a sneak preview of my new song for all my rockin' myspace friends!!

It's Your Lost