Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Tale of Herbert

Do you think that I could've been on Miami Vice?
I wanted to share the screenplay that I based on a short story. Using the internet, I wanted to find a different short story to write a screenplay on. While searching, I stumbled upon the perfect story for the modern day. "The Tale of Peter Rabbit"!

In case you don't remember that story here is the link to the original, with photos. "The Tale of Peter Rabbit"

It has been decades since I've read this story. Once I reread it, I knew that I had found my story to base a screenplay on.

I decided to 'reimagined' this short story. So I rewrote it with a modern twist about real life events. I also used people, not rabbits, in this story. Here is the reimagined "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" short story. This is only three pages long.

I hope that you liked the screenplay. It is fresh from my computer, so again there will be some typos. I'll fix them in the next draft. This screenplay is nine pages long. "The Tail of Peter Rabbit"

As always, let me know what you think.

"The Tail of Peter Rabbit" screenplay

"The Tale of Peter Rabbit" short story.


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