Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Be in a music video with me on Friday

Be in a music video with me on Friday.

Friends, you all know that I love to make music videos. So far I have been the only one in them. I would like to have some more people to make an non-singing music video.

So I could use so more people in them. What I need is a hott girl to be in one that I'm thinking about shooting on Friday. She would need to dress in her normal clothes and just look good. All you would have to do is stand around me as I sing and we will do some 'bad soap acting' for the intro and outro. It won't take more than one hour to shoot. I like shooting around 5pm, the light outside looks great!

So if you are a hott girl and you look better than me, look at the photo above, let me know if you want to be famous! If get a few replies I guess I could use more than one hott girl in the music video. If you know of a hott girl that wants to me famous, let her know this great opportunity.

If you are not hott, I plan to shoot so more videos in the future. I'll post them here!

Email or reply to this post if you are interested.

Here is a sample of one of my music videos.


There's a Girl That I Know (Music Video)

All of my music videos on youtube.


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