Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!!!

It's Valentine's Day!!!!!! Hooray?!
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Today is the greatest holiday in world. Well not really, we all know that's Federation Day, however that is long way away, so Valentine's Day will have to for today.

So here are a few gifts for one and all. I dug through my video archives and I found a few rare video clips of me during my college years.

In 1995, I wrote my first Symphony. I had composed twelve major band compositions and many quartets by this time as well. At this time in my life, that was the major creative work I had completed. And I was so proud that I could say that I wrote a Symphony. One of the few people in the world that had the skill, the creativity and the drive to make my dream come true.

Every composer has in the back of their minds to write their Symphony. At this point I had been composing classical music for about six years. And after I had my finished my first Symphony, I felt like I could compose anything. That's a great feeling.

It isn't the greatest Symphony every written. It follows the Classical form exactly. At the time, I had dreams of getting it performed all over the world like Mozart's and Beethoven's. Well that didn't happen. However I was tenacious and worked very hard and I got it sight read once time. That is more than what Schubert had with his Unfinished Symphony.

When you get composition sight read, it means that no one has worked on it. And unless it's was very simple, you are going to hear some missed notes and rhythms. However when I hear it, I hear the magic that's there between all of their mistakes. And plus I got to conduct it too! At the time, I thought that was a great conductor also. Now I can't remember the last time I held a baton.

I hope that you enjoy it. If you watch it, you may not recognize me, however that is me. It took a lot of work to be the person in the photo above, well that's another story and blog.

I also have two Romantic piano performances on tape too. At one point in my life I used to practice piano four hours a day. I miss that. And all of my piano friends. Well I am glad that I had the good sense to record two of my favorite piano performances. When I play Chopin and Mendelssohn now, I remember all the hard work I did back then.

A few years later in 1997, I started to study the art of magic. I really wanted to make a video of a magic show for my grandparents. So did. I gave the tape to them without telling what was on it and when they saw it, they were so surprised! That made my year. I hope you enjoy my Magic Show too.

Well have a Happy Valentine's Day. Hopefully my rare video gifts will give you some joy and inspiration. If I can do all of that, better myself and have happiness in my life, so can you. Believe in yourself and you can archive anything.

That's a good thing because for a minute there, I thought that we were in trouble.

Symphony No. 1. by Herbert Midgley
Chopin's Waltz in A minor played by Herbert Midgley
Mendelssohn's "Song without words" played by Herbert Midgley
The Magic Show (Staring Herbert Midgley) 1997

If you would like to play my Symphony here are the parts. Or if you would like to hear how a computer would play it, here are both the midi and mp3 files.

Symphony No. 1(Orchestra score)

Score PDF Movt.I Movt.II Movt.III Movt.IV
Parts ZIP file or view the ftp folder
Midi Files
Movt.I Movt.II Movt.III Movt.IV
Here are the mp3s
Movt. I Movt. II Movt. III Movt. IV

Also I had 14 people download my new play "That Couple" last week. That is way over the three people that normally download my plays. If you like to read, check it out. It's good, trust me.

On a happy note, I haven't turn on my heater at all this year. For some reason, I'm very proud of that. Rock and Roll!

Enjoy your life as much as you can no matter what day it is!
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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Music Videos shot in NYC

On top of The Empire State Building. What's that CD that I'm holding?
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Here are the music videos I shot in NYC:

These two in NYC's Central Park.
"I'm a Nerd"

"Sweater Girl"

And this song in NYC's Subway. It was hard to record in the subway, trains go by all the time. Can you find the splice I had to make in the video when a train went by?
"I Never Meant to Break Your Heart"

Friday, November 24, 2006

One Act Plays and Full Length Plays for Directors to submit

Me riding my bike.

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Acting friends,

If you are looking for a few short one act plays or a full length plays to submit as one of your choices to direct, here are my favorites. As most of you know I did take both of Jack's playwriting classes.

Here is a link to my plays:

These are my favorites one acts:

God Hates Cigarette Butts

Let's Go to Cali

Dreams that can Never be

Please Step off the Plane Sir.

The Tawny Situation.

Three Hearts, Cell Phones and Some Robots.

Evil Eyes

Here are my full length plays.

The Genetic Zero

I made this one into a shorter screenplay that I feel would work as a play.


Any Open Mike Night.

If you would like to use any of them, let me know.
Or if you get bored over the holiday you could read them and give me some feedback.

Thanks for looking at them.

If you would like to direct a stage version of the Timetorians, let me know.
Ha ha.


Monday, September 25, 2006

No Emo Song this Time- This Song is Punk Rock

I'm a Punk Rocker!
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I put the nerd emo songs on hold for one night and wrote a hard rockin' punk tune.
No video yet, I would love to shoot a music video this Friday with all the punk rockers out there. Let me know if you want to be in it. If it looks like I could get a lot of interest, I'll shoot something, if not, I do it myself like all the rest.

We all know that the main reason people watch my music videos is to see the talent, Herbert Midgley. I would still love to have others rockin' out with me in a few of my music video!!

My other music videos.

Our Love is Something to Write About mp3 1.8 megs

Thursday, September 14, 2006

An Old Guitar and a New Song and Music Video

I'm a Rock and Roller!
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Here is the music video of the song I wrote last night at 2:44am.
This is my old Harmony Stella guitar that I brought of a kid in high school for five bucks, he was trying to get money for the prom, since I was too cool for that prom stuff I had plenty of money to drop five bucks on this guitar.

For the first few years of college this was my daily guitar that I would backpack around with and play Buddy Holly songs between my classes. I haven't change the strings ever, and this guitar stays in tune great! I've had this guitar since 1989, that has to be some kind of record! Or maybe it's the Rock and Roll that is keeping it young!

Well this guitar sits in my bedroom and I rock out on it sometimes before I go to sleep. This is where this song came from. I was about to go to sleep and dream about my Starship when this idea came. Looking in the mirror, I knew I had to write the song and recorded right then or I would lose it. I did and here it is.

I hope you like it!

You Once Thought That I Had a Problem (DEMO) mp3

You Once Thought That I Had a Problem (Music Video)

I wrote and recorded this song in 15 minutes!!! Is it good?

I write music anytime it hits me!
I'm a Rock and Roller,
Sleep is for Squares you all!!!
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I wrote and recorded this song in fifteen minutes on my Stella Harmony guitar at 2:44 am in the morning.

I hope you dig it!


You Once Thought That I Had a Problem (DEMO)

Sunday, September 10, 2006

I'm Legally a Jerk (Music Video)

I'm Legally a Jerk
-The Music Video
I'm not really a jerk,
well not really.
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Sunday, August 27, 2006


I'm Rockin' Out!
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I recorded three new songs today. I hope you like them!

Bubblegum Girlfriend

Hanging Around
I Saw

My Music Videos!
Watch them, love them share them with the world!!!