Friday, November 24, 2006

One Act Plays and Full Length Plays for Directors to submit

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Acting friends,

If you are looking for a few short one act plays or a full length plays to submit as one of your choices to direct, here are my favorites. As most of you know I did take both of Jack's playwriting classes.

Here is a link to my plays:

These are my favorites one acts:

God Hates Cigarette Butts

Let's Go to Cali

Dreams that can Never be

Please Step off the Plane Sir.

The Tawny Situation.

Three Hearts, Cell Phones and Some Robots.

Evil Eyes

Here are my full length plays.

The Genetic Zero

I made this one into a shorter screenplay that I feel would work as a play.

Any Open Mike Night.

If you would like to use any of them, let me know.
Or if you get bored over the holiday you could read them and give me some feedback.

Thanks for looking at them.

If you would like to direct a stage version of the Timetorians, let me know.
Ha ha.



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